It’s that time of the year again! And no I’m not talking about Christmas,  I was referring to Negros Trade Fair happening this Sept 26 – 30. I so look forward to this every year! There’s just so much to eat and buy; I love hoarding all the Negrense goodies!

A couple of years back we made the Piaya ice cream flavor when we were given the honor to serve during the Arima! opening night. This year we got invited to do the same. I was more than happy to say yes and of course I made sure we were going to showcase a brand new flavor for this special night.

So here it is! Our new flavor Salted Coconut with Panocha brittle. It’s really something unexpected yet familiar all at the same time. A rich, creamy coconut ice cream with a hint of salt layered with our house made panocha candy brittle.  I love pili nuts so we studded the brittle with lots of pili nuts just to give it extra love. Its quite divine. Its sweet and salty, and just full of awesome flavors and textures.

Im still deciding if this is something we will keep in our menu or maybe one that we will do only one time a year like the Piaya ice cream. Please pass by the event so you can give it a try! Let me know what you think! Enjoy!



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