Our Founder

My name is Edy Liu and I started churning ice cream in 2009. No, I have no pastry, baking or culinary experience. In fact my background is in insurance. I lived in San Francisco for 10 years, studied my MBA and then worked for a Brokerage firm in the East bay. 

Having lived in San Francisco for that long you can't help but adopt a clean, healthy lifestyle. I learned to watch what I eat, and be conscious of what ingredients go to my food. This is something that I take to heart and is the HEART of Fog City Creamery. 

How did I get into ice cream. Well it started because I was desperate to learn how to make my favorite Salted Caramel ice cream for myself.  I was about to move back home to Manila and it made me sad that I wouldn’t be able to have my weekly treat so I taught myself how to make ice cream. After mastering this flavor, I moved on making other flavors and I realized I truly enjoyed it! Well, So did all my friends, coworkers, dentist, primary care physician, and anybody else that I came in contact with! Everyone would be so happy to see me coz yes they all got free ice cream! I was more than happy to give them away and it really brings a smile to my face when they’re so thrilled to try my new concoctions. Two things brought me joy. Creating new flavors and second, seeing them enjoy it.  You see, most of the flavors in our current menu were the ones I created back in my small kitchen in San Francisco. It was only fitting that I named my brand after that beloved City coz really thats where it all started. 

Over time I realized I was very passionate about this new found love of creating this wonderful treat and I wanted to learn more about ice cream and improve the recipes I've developed. So I went ahead, traveled the world, and learned from the best. But I was pretty dumb founded. To make really good ice cream, there's a lot of food science involved. That part was fine, what baffled me most was learning more about what goes in commercially made ice cream sold in supermarkets. Ingredients that are long and I can’t pronounce and some have numbers on them. Pair that with colorful packaging and frilly flavors and we become blinded by whats really in it. I'm not saying they are not safe to eat, I just choose not to eat them myself. As a first time mom I became even more conscious about what I serve my family and this is reflected on how I run our brand. Clean Eating, Clean Ingredients. I kept with my original goal. Our Mission is providing Clean, Fresh, Ice cream that I would be confident to serve my 2 year old daughter. 

Ice cream is a FUN FUN treat. Its not just for kids, but adults too! Oh and lets not forget, those that are very young at heart like our parents and grandparents.  I want to be able to provide ice cream that everyone can enjoy and that became my PURPOSE. I want you to look into our list of flavors and say, Hey! I am lactose intolerant, can I eat your ice cream? Yes you can! We have dairy free ice cream! I am diabetic, do you have ice cream for me? Yes we do! We use organic coco sugar that is low glycemic and diabetic friendly. Im wary to feed my kids ice cream because of artificial flavors and colorings. Don’t worry! We don’t use any of those! Do you have interesting flavors? Most definitely! You won’t see plain jane flavors here, we create flavors that's fun and exciting and just really down right yummy!

So this is my story and how we started. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR ICE CREAM because it really is made with so much LOVE.